Lee Hong-gu, a reserve player, started preparing for the 2020 game.

I feel it's an incredibly long time for myself. On the other hand, I feel short, saying, "Repeat?" And when you pass by, you are left alone and as a memory. So is military life.


Lee Hong-koo (29, SK) completed his duty of national defense after completing the process. Lee Hong-koo, who joined the army as an active-duty soldier in 2018 and served as an artillery officer in a division of the country, was discharged from the military on Sept. 23, becoming a civilian status. "I think I've lost a little weight," Lee said with a unique smile, saying, "I don't think that's the case, but everyone around me sees it that way."


He was also shocked that he was eliminated in both the selection of police baseball teams and the South Korean military sports unit. However, he quickly joined the army as an active member with all his heart. Lee said he believes that's a good choice, adding, "If there are players in similar situations, I'd like to recommend the current role." I couldn't play baseball while serving, but that made me more desperate for baseball. "I've thought a lot about playing baseball quickly and again," Lee confessed.


Since he is active in the military,온라인카지노  there were many restrictions on his training. Lee said, "There was no one to play catch ball with. I never imagined the catcher training," he recalled. Unlike soccer, baseball is not a popular sport in the military. Still, he has faithfully built himself up, mainly by weight training. Lee Hong-gu said, "There was a fitness room in the unit. It's light weight, but I think I've done all I can in it. I practiced my swing by myself," he said, explaining the process.


Still, he ended his military career without difficulty due to the consideration of his seniors. Lee Hong-gu said, "I've lived in the military just like everyone else. I didn't want me to look like anyone else," he said, adding that the ship's captains were treated the same as other troops. I didn't treat them particularly differently," he said, rather than than thanking them.


For the time being, I am committed to building up my body. It has already created a special program for Lee at SK Training Part. Lee Hong-gu said, "I don't have the desire to do anything right now. Since I haven't played baseball in two years, I can get hurt if I overpace," he said, adding that he intends to do so and has time to spare. He has about four months to build his body up to next year's spring camp. I will make myself comfortable first."


The SK Wyverns spent the season under the regime of starting catcher Lee Jae-won, backup catcher Huh Do-hwan and Lee Hyun-seok. However, Heo Do-hwan is quite old. Lee Jae-won played 9,892⁄3 innings this season, the second-highest number of defense appearances in the league after Park Se-hyuk (10222⁄3 innings). It is the best scenario for a team if Lee Hong-koo, who has long balls, relieves the burden of Lee Jae-won or creates a competitive structure. The player that SK paid the most attention to when it traded 4-4 in 2017 will just be at the starting point. It's a little late, but it's not too late either.


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